Reverend Gerald Watson

Gerald Watson is a native of Florida where he spent his formative years. He attended a military academy during middle-school and later excelled in high school sports. In 1968, he was elected to the Who's Who in High School Football for the State of Florida. In 1974, he was married to Rebecca Watson.

After moving to Hillsville, Virginia in 1975, Gerald pastored three churches as a licensed minister of the United Methodist church. Gerald and Becky later moved to Oklahoma where Gerald graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in 1979. He and his wife Becky founded Faith Christian Fellowship of Chicago, Illinois, Inc. (now Victory Ministries Church) in 1982 where Gerald served as Senior Pastor of the church until 2000.

During his years as Senior Pastor, Gerald sponsored a Minister's Seminar, participated in the Chicago Regional Faith Convention Meetings, and received a unique opportunity to minister to professional sports teams. He also served as chaplain to the Chicago Bears and as a Bible study leader with the Chicago White Sox.

In 2000, he founded Gerald Watson Ministries allowing him to share his ministry with other churches and church meetings in America and throughout the world. He remains Co-Pastor of Victory Ministries Church where he conducts a monthly Miracle & Healing service.