Pastor Becky Watson


The daughter of a Methodist minister, Rebecca "Becky" Watson, was born in Montana and raised in Florida. Becky grew up as an active participant in church life and in the years that followed, she became knowledgeable in all aspects of church administration. Gifted in music and voice, Becky attended Andrew Junior College in Cuthbert, Georgia where she majored in music and received her A.A.S. degree. After completing her studies, she held several positions of leadership that included Youth Director at Forest Hills United Methodist Church in Tampa, Florida and Music and Youth Director at The First United Methodist Church in Eustis, Florida.
In 1974, Becky was married to Gerald Watson in Eustis, Florida. After serving in ministry with her husband Gerald in Hillsville, Virginia, Becky and Gerald moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

In Tulsa, she served as Secretary to the Superintendent of Churches at Faith Christian Fellowship International. It was here that she became an ordained minister in 1981. 

In 1982, Becky and Gerald founded Faith Christian Fellowship of Chicago, Illinois, Inc. (now Victory Ministries Church) where Becky served as Co-Pastor and Administrator for nearly twenty years. 

In 2000, Becky Watson became Senior Pastor of Victory Ministries Church. Under her leadership, the outreach of the church was expanded to include Home Bible Fellowships in order to strengthen the church membership and to reach those who are hurting.